Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Mar 16

iRunFar/Mock: Catching up with the Olson family. Great post about four people living the good life!

Beer: How many times have I gone over this? Just because two things are awesome does not mean they need to go together.

New experiences and personalities we come across help us know ourselves better. Heading into the unknown puts us out of our comfort zone and teaches us to be more adaptable in every aspect of life, whether that’s running a new race or making a big life change…However, even with fewer or zero ultras to race, we’re still ultrarunners. Not just in our core, but in practical terms. 

Ian Sharman, Why We Need Adventure.

Glass City Marathon in Ohio requiring either a full vax card or a negative Rona test to enter. More here.

Kilian Jornet will be doing a live YouTube chat with Seth DeMoor at 12:30 PST today. Check it out here.

Jerome Schranz, 2 years old.

Trailrunner/Rom: Running with your pooch. Our last Standard Poodle was an awful runner. Two miles max. Our new Standard Poodle is much better, though nowhere on the level of some breeds.

Skurka: How to buy backpacking gear. Not sure if the product lines are still disrupted like they were last year.

New Episode: What’s it like running fifty miles on acid? Lucas Simon Drake joins me to share his experience and answer all the questions. Also, Lydia reviews a packable jacket and a pair of running shorts with a belt.
Since it’s release yesterday afternoon, I’ve heard from an impressive number of people who’ve done this and many who do it regularly, either with LSD or psilocybin (mushrooms.) I know about all the runners who use cannabis, but had no idea about psychedelics on the trails (with the exception of Burning Man.)

From the Facebook post about this episode. LOL.

Instagram: Pro runner Emily Infield has been and is being stalked and threatened by some weirdo and she’s had to leave Oregon and involve law enforcement.

Olympic race report: Stop for a glass of wine during the Marathon and win the thing.

Alysia Montano’s group &Mother helps moms as they balance child raising, childcare, and pro running careers. Awesome.

ESPN: Clemson group sues school to reinstate track/xc teams that were shutdown due to Title XI last year. Any legal people want to weigh in with their odds? I sure hope they’re successful and this sets a precedent for other programs.

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