Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Mar 17

Ultrarunning: Some perspective on what we’re going through. As of now, running alone in the woods is still OK.

Mario Fraoili: Some Covid, but still lots of running news to keep things normal.

Trying very very hard to find non-Covid news, but dang, it’s tough. Got anything?

As of now, the world’s largest ultramarathon is set to take place in early June.

There are some excellent running books out there and it seems we’ve all got some extra time right now. What have you read recently?

Roche: How to handle this emotionally and deal with the anxiety that many of us are facing.

Jean Pommier ran the Pioneer Spirit USATF 50M championship last weekend. Here are his thoughts on organizing a championship event amid Covid fears and a report on how he did.

Austin: It’s a good time to be a runner who can help courier good between quarantined neighbors.

Be well, folks.

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