Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Mar 2

Runner’s World: Joggers should wear masks outside. Good thing I’m not a jogger.

Treeline Journal Video: Chase sits down (and runs) with budtender Brian to learn more about his cannabis use. Haven’t watched it yet but will hopefully get to it today.

Change.org: Californians, please sign this petition asking the state to open trail racing.

How getting older affects your performance and what you can do about it.

Big congratulations to Frederick F Davis, who, at 72, recently became an inductee into the one hundred 100 miler club. Read more about this guy...100 milers seemed to be his short runs. DUV stats right this way.

Throwback to the time I had BDSM dominatrix slash ultramarathon runner Ms. Monday Jones on the podcast. We had an interesting talk about pain, companionship, pacing, and why we choose discomfort.

UTMB registration updates.

Speaking of UTMB, Alex Nichols uses his fall and injury in 2018 to talk about learning from disappointment and moving forward.

When I run, I want to stay as close as possible to that original model. I can’t go back to being a hunter gatherer on the savanna, barefoot. Wearing shoes is a necessary part of life. But I still want to stay as close to unaided human running as possible. Shoes haven’t improved performance significantly for 50 years, infact, there is evidence to say that since they evolved from the simple plimsoll, they have just caused more injuries.

This guy writes a post about why he’ll never wear “super shoes.”

Meanwhile, this writer argues that the cat is already out of the bag and trying to throttle technology now is pointless.

Trailrunner Mag/Rom: Zoe Rom writes about women’s safety on the trails. She’s writing about an important topic and makes some excellent points, but I find the overly woke writing to be unnecessary and distracting.

CNN: New Hawaiian bill would make hikers foot the bill if they ignored signs and had to be rescued. Makes sense to me. Curious if other states/counties/parks have similar laws.

Beer: Some asshats stole a bunch of beer that was aging in a sunken Soviet ship off the coast of Argentina. Wait, what?

“When I‘m on the trail and I’m thinking “okay, can I do this one last mile?'” Osborne said. “I just think back to the time and say, ‘you remember the time when you were diagnosed with Crohn’s and you were barely able to walk, barely move around.’ This is no problem; I’m pounding this out.”

This Ohioan is not letting a colostomy bag keep him from the trails.

FKT: Couple FKT updates, including a new female ascent of Mt. Tam by Colorodoan Bailey Kowalczyk. To note, five days prior, she set the FKT for nearby Mt. Diablo. Dayum! Are the Marin ladies buying her a one way bus ticket back to Colorado?

MTB folks: If you were looking for a new or used full suspension bike and wanted to spend $1k or less, what would you do? Used on Pinkbike? New on Bikesonline? What models to look for or avoid? Important: Need a L or XL. Thanks.

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