Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Mar 21

Check out Gary Robbins’ final preparation for Barkley. My prediction is he finishes it.

Strange: Pete Rose (yes, that one) inducted into the MTB Hall of Fame.

Good stuff: Road running for trail runners.  Be a balanced athlete and try both.

This guy’s brewery shirt, bib number, and time all worked out in a crazy coincidence.

Can’t accuse us of only posting reviews of shoes we love:  Here’s Liza’s take of the Under Armour Horizon trail shoe.

When is this guy going to start racing on the trails?  I mean, he’s perfect, right?

Interviewing Suzanna Bon today for an upcoming show.  Anxious to hear how she’s continued to perform for 10+ years and get better with age.

Q: When does a runner from Bahrain beat two Ethiopians in a marathon?  A: When the two Ethiopians miss the finish line.

Stone Brewing making a Pale Ale that uses treated waste water.  To me, pales either taste great (Dale’s), or like sh*t.  We’ll see how this plays out.

Why this chick is not upset about the term “getting chicked.”

It’s amusing to read the LetsRun forum follow Chuckanut live.  Overall, not the worst analysis, and most of the posters behaved themselves.

Short news day today. What did I miss?

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