Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Mar 22

A new 200 miler is coming to Nebraska! It’ll run over 200+ railway bridges and cost significantly less than some of the other big races. Cool!

Love was in the air at the finish line of Chuckanut over the weekend.

Everything you wanted to know about when and where you can use the Western States logo.

Remy: US Senate abandons Daylight Savings Time, citing tweet from guy who runs in the morning.

A reminder that Jacky Hunt-Broersma is still running a marathon every day…

Today I learned that Alex Van Halen’s son Aric was a collegiate steeper and ran 2:48 at LA Marthon over the weekend.

World Athletics Prez Seb Coe fears that women’s sports are at risk due to the inclusion of biological men and that’s a good start.  Unfortunately, he also seems to also believe that women are essentially just men with lower testosterone.

Here’s an editorial about where to place blame from the EIC of Swimming World Magazine.

I continue to be saddened by the silence of nearly everyone in our sport, especially from those who seem to strongly support women and those who speak out on PED issues. (Of course there are some media groups, races, coaches, and CEOs that fully support self-ID’d trans women into the protected female class.) The number of emails I get in support of my position greatly outweigh any negative comments, but unfortunately, most of those people are too afraid of the “transphobic” repercussions and won’t comment publicly. Staying silent means those on the fringe will drive the narrative, and that will mean the end to girls and women’s sport as we know it.

I get it. Just this weekend, Rea Gyorgy–a female swimmer who competed this weekend and wrote a plea to the NCAA to change its policies–had her Twitter account suspended, but please, stop being scared and take a public stand against this so women’s athletics can maintain its integrity and continue to grow.

The solution is to simply lift your foot, ski, or wheel, and leave the rut. But that initial move is scary. If we can do it, however, we can avoid the crash and set out on a new path.

Zach Miller’s recipe for getting out of a rut.

The future of Canyons Endurance Run. I’ve been the race announcer since the start and this race is legit. Hope to see some of you out there next month.

SCMP: More on the incredible Mira Rai and how she’s helping her fellow Nepalese girls get out of poverty.

Now go grab your breakfast beer and set off for the day.


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