Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Mar 24

Six tips (from Max) to get you through your first ultramarathon. That last one is the key.

…and Sarah’s six essential tips for running a half or full marathon.

Here’s an excellent report from the ITI.

Tim Olson’s race and camp schedule for the year. Looks like fun.

I hope the Nike Trail Elite team stays far, far away from Alberto and his questionable antics.

Ford’s report from Antelope Island. Not a lot of drama…he led from the start.

My favorite new app: Calculates the amount of beer you can drink, based on your last run.

Here’s my review of a small, inexpensive, and no-frills hydration pack.

Are dogs the enemy of runners? Ripe with British humo(u)r.

How to properly hydrate before race day.

Gotta cut the news short today: Not sure what happened, but the media players have disappeared from the individual podcast episodes. Ack! Not to worry, all can be found on iTunes here.    It’s all fixed. Here’s my plug for PowerPress and BluBrry: If you’re a podcaster, you’re crazy not to use these systems for hosting and managing.  I panicked when I found the issue last night, emailed them, and had a detailed email response 12 hours later walking me through the fix.  Awesome customer service!

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