Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Mar 26

The US Trail Team has been announced and is looking pretty stout. They’ll race against the rest of the world in Portugal in July.

Morning Shakeout: Curious about the new rules about the start and pro finisher requirements at Boston? Mario breaks it all down with neat excellent history of the race.

Tuesday Funny: This describes many of the people I’ve run with.

letsrun: A commenter named love this leaves an excellent response to the “Ultras are not competitive” thread:
This is a very, very strong belief from outside of the┬átrack┬ácommunity. Runners while freaks at what they do, couldn’t make it in more hand eye, specific sport like basketball, football. …

Point is, stop with the comparisons. It’s illogical and you sound like an ignorant echo chamber. Said it once on here, and I’ll keep saying it. Go race a golden ticket qualifier, line up at Squaw, and then make it be known how you crushed the 100 mile distance. Stay in your lane, or at least respect it.

New Episode: Sarah and I chatted with Ryan Lange, a Gen Z’er from New Jersey who DJs, hunts, and got through a 100 miler that was entirely covered in mud.

Cool format: This 50k in the UK has a staggered start in hopes that everyone finish (at a pub) at the same time.

Instamercial: Prepare for more and more sponsored content from your friends.

Competitor: Road shoe reviews for S’19.

Walt Handloser Update: He’s finished 9/50 100 milers this year with one DNF. Not sure how he plans to make that up. Here’s our interview.

Mountain Outhouse: Canyons reroute, TrailSisters adventure grants, and some sweet shades.

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