Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Mar 28

Yes, yes, yes! Cake-frosting Clare offers up a healthy reminder that we’ve got to keep training in perspective and recognize and respect when there’s something amiss.  Take a day off, it won’t kill ya.

ultramarathonBoom, it’s ready to go.  Co-host Sarah Lavender Smith’s book “The Trail Runner’s Companion” is officially ready for preorder.  I’ve got an early copy and it’s well written for beginner runners to veterans looking for a bit of refinement.  Check it out.

List-o-Rama!: Trail runs with the best coastal views in the US.  I’ll add the Na Pali Coast in Hawaii, Catalina Island, and pretty much anything in the Marin Headlands.  What else did she miss?

Read thisAnother fantastic post about what it’s like being married to an ultrarunner.  Steph will be on the show in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to talk to her.

Did you see this? Ultimate Direction, La Sportive, and GU Energy Labs are sponsoring FKT grants in the US.  When I first saw the email I though Oh no, they’re going to monetize FKTs and it’s going to be one big marketing fiasco.  I was happy to read the details to discover I was completely wrong.  Anxious to see who gets these and what they do!

Feel good Tuesday: Great article about an aging couple who run trail and ultramarathons together.

Personal note: I graduated from the Alter-G yesterday and can start running on my own! Short and slow, but I’ll take it!  My body feels completely fine and I have most of the strength back in my leg.  The one thing I’m still struggling with is balance.  I went from having excellent balance to being in a place I’d likely fail a DUI test while stone cold sober.  Anyone else experience this?

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: The best defense and proposal for increased attention to XC I’ve read.

More from Mario: Strength training circuit for distance runners.

Outside Mag: What Ultrarunners Think About When They Run.  

Short news day.  Gotta prep for interview where we’ll explore the differences between “losing ones mojo” and burnout, what we can do to prevent it, and what we can do when others are experiencing it.

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