Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Mar 3

Ian Corless’ Transgrancanaria preview. Dang, that group of Kaci, Maciel, Huser, and Mauclair will be fun to watch!

Treeline Journal: Chase reviews In Search of Al Howie and comes away with some serious lessons and motivation for what’s possible. If you’re interested, here’s our interview with author Jared Beasley.

NYT: Officials tried to cancel the Paris Half Marathon amid coronavirus fears, but people showed up anyway.

Music: How am I just hearing about St Paul and the Broken Bones now?!? WOW. Can’t wait to hit some trails and groove out to this.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Atlanta, Atlanta, shoes, and more.

Speaking of shoes, this debate isn’t going away and is coming to a trailhead near you very very soon. How would/will the MUT community deal with carbon plated trail racing shoes?

Slate: Jim recaps his run in Atlanta. From my perspective, Jim has really put the naysayers to bed these past few months. Nevermind his OTQ run, but he took on quality (and public) training, kept his head down, raced honestly, and has been nothing but humble since the Trials.

TrailRunner: Updates on other trail runners who ran in Atlanta. Tons of great performances out there that will make this MUT spring/summer all the more exciting.

Ultrarunning Mag: A solid passive aggressive essay written to people who leave dog poop bags on trails. Agree 100%, come on people!

I interviewed MUT/OTQ runner Ellie Pell yesterday and will release it this week. She’s got electric energy and was a joy to talk to. Gotta go work on putting that show together now…

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