Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Mar 31

For once, a decent “toughest ultramarathons in the world” list.  I’d never heard of #3…ouch! Can’t tell if it’s still a fatass or not. Anyone?

Amy’s report from 4Refugios just about qualifies it to be on that list too.

Barkley recap in the real news.

Cool interview with magician/ultramarathoner Oz Pearlman. Hear our interview with him right this way.

Compression clothing is a great example of the placebo effect.

Oldie but goodie: Running wisdom and what normal runners can learn from ultrarunners.

Fascinating article about gender testing in sports. At some point will we need a rule?

Wardian, I think we’ve found you a best friend/arch enemy.

Speaking of Iron Mike, geez, the Nathan ultra team is pretty sweet: Mike, Emily, Stephanie, Rob, and Ian.

I reviewed five very different beers here. All for you…I did it for you.

When cheaters win, the consequences are far reaching.

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