Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, March 12

Morning Shakeout: Mario Fraioli does an excellent job of breaking down the new OT and IAAF standards. Adharanand Finn has been tweeting about it all morning too…good points about why this is a bad move for the sport.

Nature is awesome: Death Valley NP has a new lake and the super bloom is coming.

WSER: Running Western States for the first time? Watch this intimate video of race scion Austin Twitmeyer as he prepared and ran from Squaw Valley last year.

Beer: Ohio marathon runner gives up everything for lent…except for beer. Yep, nothing but beer for 46 days.

Brooks makes a play into the modern trail scene with its “off road runners” ambassador program. Adam Chase, Ladia Albertson Junkans, Mario Mendoza, Camelia Mayfield, and more are all on board. Is the absence of Jurek noticed by anyone else? Weird, right?

Social Media: Watch this panel discussion of athletes, coaches, and a PR guy talk about athletes’ complicated relationship with social media.

This could be incredible: Falkland Islands will host its first ultramarathon next year. Argentinians not allowed to run. (I kid, I kid.)

Diet: I’m still on my no alcohol, no meat diet, but lemme tell you, if you offered me a plate of these rueben beer cheese nachos, I’d shove my face into the plate and eat like a dog.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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