Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, March 27

Hmmm. If infected with truth serum, are these things that a runner would admit to? I agree with some, not others.

Advice: How to trick your partner into liking outdoor activities.

So a group of Olympic athletes enter a bar. One’s a discus thrower, one a high jumper, one a marathon runner, and the other, a sprinter. Who lives longest? Science!

There are now two semi-prominent ultramarathon podcast hosts who are living dry.

Brendan Leonard semi-rad
Brendan Leonard from Semi-Rad at RRR100. Pic by Aidan Haley.

You’ve read his funny posts in the URP Daily News for years. Now listen to semi-rad’s Brendan Leonard explain to Sarah and I why/how he hates running, but loves to run.

CTS shines the light on running at night. I’m a fan of a statin light on my waist then another light on my head. Nothing too bright, but depth perception is paramount for me.

This English guy beat Forrest Gump’s fictitious ultramarathon record. 

Skurka reviews the Suunto Ambit 3 and loves it.  Here’s our interview with Andrew.

Recording new interview today with Gavin Woody and Dave Johnston. I’ll also be talking to Gear Guy Ben about his recent foray into ski mountaineering. Stay tuned.

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