Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Tue, May 1

You can run fast for a short stretch, or you can run slow for a long time. So what exactly does it take to run fast for a long time? Coach Roche is on it.

And if you’re looking to increase your speed at the end of an ultramarathon, Coach Koop recommends using perceived exertion and some mental tricks.

So what’s it like being on the Western States wait list? Henry interviews the guy who holds the number for the same position that was called up last year. Similarly, I interviewed Andrew Chapello was in the same position last  year…training for a big ultramarathon he may not have a chance to run.

NYT: A sober, thorough, and important discussion of the intersexed dilemma that’s being discussed by the IAAF.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout.

With this in mind I simply wanted to finish in front of the 80,000 captive North Koreans that filled the stadium, so I aimed for about 4 hours but didn’t want to push myself too hard as my travel insurance didn’t cover the marathon. Although Kim Jong Un is an incredible surgeon and has undeniable healing powers I thought it wasn’t worth testing the rest of the North Korean healthcare system.

–British humo(u)r at its finest: Race report from The Pyongyang Marathon. h/t Travis.

Jenny and Scott Jurek in “Castle Black” on Appalachian Trail, 2015.

Be sure to check out our latest interview with Jenny Jurek. During Scott’s Appalachian Trail FKT in 2015, a colorful cast of characters helped him with the running and logistics, while Jenny did everything else. In this interview, we get to hear about the back story as well as what really happened on the (in)famous last day of the trip.

ultramarathonThat episode was sponsored by The North Face Endurance Challenge, Massachusetts. Looking for a trail race (in every distance!) with great views in June? Use URP20 in the discount box at checkout. 

Good interview with one of the toughest and coolest chicks in the sport: Devon Yanko.

Whoa! Here’s a new sport for ya: Ever wondered what it would be like to play indoor soccer….on bikes? 

More on Tropical John and his little race, Lake Sonoma 50. Back in 2014, TJ joined Sarah and I for a “year end review” of the previous 12 months in ultramarathon running…check it out here.

The World Long Distance Mountain Running team for the US was announced yesterday.

  • Ladies: Addie Bracy, Ashley Brasovan, Renee Metivier, Sandi Nypaver and Kathryn Ann Ross.
  • Fellas: Anthony Costales, Joseph Gray, Tatye Pollmann, David Sinclair and Andy Wacker.

And this year, the planet’s second most populous country will send a team to the championships as well.

Great news! Skyrunning USA is back, this time under the guidance of RD Rob Goyen.

Maggie’s DNF report from Barkley. And here’s our interview with Maggatron from a few years ago (when I thought her last name ended with an i.)

Pacing strategy has never been my strong point. If you’re into drilling down your ultramarathon splits to the second, this post will appeal to you.

If you’re looking to buy your running kit from a company with a social/global conscious, check out Janji. I’ve got some shorts, my wife has a few tops, and we’ll attest to their great build and fit. NFI, just fans of their stuff and their cause.

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