Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, May 10

Ultramarathon and Trail News For Today:

Great point: Before you reach for a gel, you better know what you want it to do: A calorie replacement, salt supplement, or caffeine jolt. Here’s a list of the best gels from around the world.

Joe Fejes wins the EMU six day race in Poland with 550 miles. Wow.

The USATF 50 Mile Trail Championships is coming up in three weeks in New York. Here’s a preview of the ladies field.  Who else would you like to see/should compete?

If the race rules say “no headphones”, does it mean no headphones? These runners found out the hard way.  Can’t we all come together and wear just one earbud?

Magness’ theory about what is killing modern road and track running is exactly what makes trail and ultramarathon so compelling and timeless: We rarely mention or focus on specific times, but instead seem more interested in the journey, the entire race, the trail–with all of its drama, low lights and highlights included.

Short on ultramarathon news but full of opinions on the new media landscape, Mario’s Morning Shakeout is still a great read this week. (Link fixed.)

How to be the best uphill runner you can be.

Race report from Ultra Fiord with some incredible pics of the surrounding trails. Wow!

Even on the short “hiking” trails, it looks like you really can’t go wrong in Whistler.

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