Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, May 12

Feeling unmotivated and sloggy on this Tuesday? Here are the three enemies of action.

Comrades Finishing Time Geek-A-Palooza: Here’s what happens when mathematicians and ultra runners collide. Definitely heavy on the mathematical modeling but good insight to how the online finishing time calculators predict times.

Brian takes us on a photographic adventure of the trails around Mount Saint Helens. Awesome!

Over six days, Joe Fejes logged 975km, or just about 606 miles on the course!  That’s a hundred miler a day for six days straight. Unbelievable!

Will this new optical HRM be the end to chest straps?

Check out this awesome artwork by trail running artist Maggie Tides.  That three-piece WS100 print is beautiful!

Ugh. Another massive quake hits Nepal. Poor people.

Martin dropped 7 hours off his hundred mile time in one year (to a sub 17!)  How’d he do it?

Smart: Modifying your race schedule to stay passionate and invested in the sport.

Dom Grossman on his training for UTMB. Be careful. Be smart. Have fun.

Is the trail ultramarathon next? Would it be a bad idea?

Has anyone made their own hydration pack? After this article, I’m inspired to try, though I’m confident the results would be disastrous.

I remember well when Sarah and I interviewed Liza Howard about her Umstead-while-breastfeeding experience. Here are some more incredible stories from women who don’t let anything stop them.

Haha: Tough Mudders defeated by normal conversation.  But I suppose it’d be just as easy to replace “ultrarunner” with “Tough Mudder”, wouldn’t it?

Correction/clarification: In the John Trent interview, Sarah and I were chatting at the end about what will happen when Western States chooses a new title sponsor for the event. I was incorrect and not clear.  Though Montrail’s contract with WS100 is up after the 2015 running, they will be bidding again for the spot and are every bit a consideration as any other company.  My apologies for the confusion.

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