Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, May 14

This guy is on his way to running 44 hundred milers in 2019. 

Yahoo: Dean has sardine burps.

Uhan/IRF: Injured with a race on the horizon? Here’s what to do.

New Episode: Check out our latest interview with Zach Ornelas. This guy is on an absolute streak right now, from a huge road ultramarathon in Africa to 50 mile trail races, Zach is anxious for more. Fun talk with a guy who balances it all while teaching and coaching high schoolers.

Throwback Tuesday: Check out this girls xc race from 2001. Recognize any names? Wow!  h/t Frank Bures.

China: The Chinese government bans a  race official from participating in race management for a year after he directs mens leader the wrong way.

Ultrarunning Magazine: How to use caffeine in ultramarathon events.

There’s a petition going around about RD “Sherpa” John Lacroix that calls for him to stop “bullying” and harassing people and being a general PITA. I’ve linked to his writing plenty of times on these pages (he’s always got something interesting to say), and while I don’t always agree with him, I don’t think a public “petition” like this is helpful or appropriate. For the record, John hates me for reasons I still don’t understand and blocked me a long time ago.

GearJunkie: I’ve watched enough climbing videos and. have wondered about the portaledges they sleep on. Here’s a review of the latest to market.

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