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Trail and Ultramarathon News From Around the World

Tough trail folks: Here’s an article and list of the amazing athletes who’ve done all three big endurance events from Squaw to Auburn: Western States Endurance Run, Tevis Cup, and the Ride and Tie Championships. We hope to have one of them on soon to describe the similarities between all three.

iRunFar: Nutrion basics for trail running

I’m not a mountaineer and admittedly don’t have experience climbing, but I can’t imagine leaving my garbage on a mountain. How do climbers rationalize this? Help me understand. Here’s a story about the latest Everest cleanup.

FitBit took data from across the globe, analyzed it, and released a list of the world’s “fittest” cities, fittest US cities, and other categories.  You’ll get them all wrong.  I promise.

Why use these simple tools when you have an arsenal of GPS watches, heart rate monitors, running power meters and flux capacitors? Because time and perceived effort are more effective in this arena.

-New excerpt about tracking training for trail runners from Jason Koop.  Great stuff.

Interesting: Science: Caffeine use shows performance gains in athletes, but finds no difference between those who abstained and habitual users. 

Favorite tweet of the day:  

I’ll apologize for this right now: “That’s so Trail” rap put to Eminem’s Without Me. 

I’ve been guilty of rolling my eyes at “Marathons in 50 States” groups, but this guy made me look at it differently and changed my mind. He’s got a great story, and now that he’s completed a marathon in each state, he’s headed back to Colorado to hike the 500 mile Colorado Trail and bag 14ers.

Science: Cycling not bad for your sex life.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout. 

The Onion: Marathon running could cause kidney injuries. What do you think?

Awesome! It looks like the “ultra women” shirt from rabbit is back with some limited availability!  Get it while you can.

Housekeeping: Still catching up on emails from the last few weeks. If I haven’t got back to you, I will soon. Sorry about the delay.


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