Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, May 19

RunnersWorld asks: Is 100 miles the new marathon? Sure seems the 50 miler is getting close.

Now that’s how you finish a race! Jump ahead to 3:15 to see some kid give it everything he’s got.

Wyatt’s new workout routine is working well for him. Anxious to see how he does at Bighorn.

Looking to get faster at your ultramarathon? Here’s Sage (and Sandi’s) book on just how to do it.

Here’s the first time Kanye West has appeared in the URP Daily News: Sweet shoes at the Billboard Music Awards! Think they’d dirty pretty quick though.

Will the Ironman lottery decision affect ultra lotteries like Leadville and Western States?

Here’s a really great report from a guy who went from 26.2 to a 24 hour timed event.  How’d it work out? Well….

Ever wondered what it costs to cycle around the world? (Reference: 1£=$1.55)

Very interesting: Is running performance about efficiency or is it about power output? (And at what distance do those change?)

Jack Denness is 80, and he’s preparing for his final Badwater.

Industry geeks: Does anyone know if the running/jogging report drills down to ultra/trail specific participation? I’d be inclined to buy the report if so.


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