Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, May 2

Gotta keep this short folks. Three interviews today: Bob Shebest, Nicole Ederle, then Anthony Famigletti.  Stoked.

Did you check out Mario’s Morning Shakeout?  

Salomon found a way to make shoes even more expensive. It involves robots.

USATF Long Distance Mountain Running Team announced. Looks solid and I love the fact we’ve got a 20 year old dude as well as 52 year old Anita Ortiz on the same team.  What other sport has that diversity???

And here’s the youth mountain running team.  Anxious to see how they progress in their 20s.

Tough to read. Good local runner batting late-stage dementia in her 50s, had a burning need to be outside, whether walking or running.  She was killed this past weekend.

Chris McDougall writes about a great race in Flint, Michigan organized by an 85 year old with a mission.  Great read.

Pro predictions for Sub2 from the Science of Sport guys, along with a new pacing strategy to make it happen.

The five things that happen to your body when you quit working out.

Science: Beer a more effective painkiller than acetaminophen/Tylenol.  I suppose we should ban it?

Sarah is getting close to fulfilling two stretch goals. Read more here.

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