Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, May 23

Avery Collins and friends take a trip to run the Grand Canyon. 

High school teacher dies during trail race in Minnesota.

We’ve read a lot about form, foot angle, and cadence over the years. How much does that really matter? Consider. And what does that study teach us about bounce and form on the trails?

Mario’s Morning Shakeout.

After Tim Tollefson‘s awesome win at Australia, I’m anxious to see how he does at UTMB against Kilian, Walmsley, Francois and the rest of the incredible elite field. He’s in shape and focused right now.

Jean Pommier at start of his 10th Ohlone 50k

Jean has a (pretty successful) love affair with the Ohlone 50k. Here’s his race report/ode to the race where he continues to kick ass into his 50s. Is there a race you continue to return to year after year? Which race and why?

Comrades Ultramarathon champ is taking a DNS this year due to an injury she sustained during Two Oceans. 

This article has a bit of a hysteric tone to it, but even if it’s mostly true, don’t let your kids, your pets, or yourself on a trail that has poison hemlock. 

How to deal with blisters on the trail. Preparation, prevention, and popping.

If you’re going to propose at the top of a mountain, remember the ring.

Help me out! If I’m not wearing running shoes, I’m wearing sandals. Seriously,  I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore real shoes, but the zero drop on most sandals is irritating my ill-tempered Achilles again so I’m looking for sandals with a drop.  Oofos are pretty good, but looking for more recommendations. The problem is, specs online don’t show heel/forefoot numbers for sandals, so I’m left with just looking at them and guessing. Tevas? Chacos? Spenco? Any ideas? Thanks!

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