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Very anxious to see this film about 80 year old ultramarathoner and trail dude Bob Hayes.

Check out the results from the Keys 50 Miler in Florida last week: Nine of the top ten were females.

Interesting stuff: How much does it cost to make a running shoe?

At the risk of sounding crass, I’ll let the WaPo headline speak for itself: Woman trying to prove “vegans can do anything” among four dead on Everest.

More industry news: Mario Fraioli is leaving Competitor Group for a “new opportunity” in San Francisco.  Don’t worry, he’ll continue to publish his Morning Shakeout every Tuesday.  And hey, Happy Birthday Mario!

Meanwhile, the business side of track and field endorsements can be downright ugly. It’s hard to really nail down what’s going on since everyone’s lawyered up, but I’ll be watching it closely and hoping we don’t run into similar problems in our little corner of the running world.

It’d be a wee far to travel, but this road/trail marathon course in Ireland sounds perfect for me. Plenty of climbing (1000′ in first 6 miles), and I’m assuming a laid back Irish crowd.

mendocino 50k ultramarathon
First few miles of Mendocino 50k had this little detour.

Daniel’s been running ultramarathons and trails for six years and wanted to put on a race. Here’s his well-detailed account of how it went down.   I’m still impressed with how first-time RD Sid did with Mendocino 50k.  He nailed it, and yes, I’ll be back next year for sure.

Do you feel less about doing trail work “to check a box” than you would solely to give back? Consider.

I reported on these guys a few weeks ago, but here’s their first update on what they’re finding while cleaning up the PCT: 150 pounds of trash in 100 miles. Come on, people.

It’s always good to look back. Here’s a page from Ultrarunning Magazine, circa 1984.  First multi-day, a fifty miler with a windbreaker, and an account of the first unofficial Badwater.

Who knew? Epson makes GPS watches. Here’s a review from the fellas at TAUR.

How to prepare for a hot weather race.  Personally, I’m OK if the weather gets hot during the race, but I have a helluva time if it’s already hot at the start…and I’m in Sacramento where hot means 108 degrees.

Yes! Why sport matters. 

Ben Lewis’ fun report from Jemez Mountain 50 miler. I wish I had his talent:  “…squeezing out reasonable performances from modest talent and minimal to moderate training.”

It’s not a trail race, not an ultramarathon, but I’d love to see our sports’ best take on the 800m tube challenge.

More on the British Oly Trials/pub extravaganza. I’ll say it again: USATF, are you listening?


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