Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, May 26

I hope you didn’t miss the Bob Shebest interview I posted on Friday. Bob’s got some great insight and words of wisdom for going long and shares with us his transition from triathlete to ultramarathoner.

The Grand Union Canal Race in the UK sounds like a good-time old school ultramarathon with a fun group of people. Anyone done it?

Hmmm, the states that have the most active citizenry just so happen to be the main hubs of MUT running. Funny how that works.

Busy this weekend? Here’s a super technical 50k with 11k’ vert in North Carolina. Yikes, the VK on the same day looks crazy too. What’s wrong with you people?

This guy just set the WR for holding a plank. Guess how long without peeking.

If you haven’t heard, legendary MUT runner Dave Mackey was in a gnarly running accident last week and is pretty banged up in the hospital.  Independent filmmaker Billy Yang is putting together a get well video for him, and I sure as heck will be sending in my thoughts.  More info here on Billy’s FB page.  And here’s our one and only interview with Dave from when he won UROY in 2011.

I’ve been pretty open about my love for American Ninja Warrior. Here’s a slight behind the scenes look at its production. And yes, I saw Nick Symonds. D’oh!

Blooper reel from the Ultimate Direction ad shoot.  See, even Anton can’t pronounce his name!

Which countries have the cheapest–and most expensive–beers?

Speaking of beer, I love Yard Owl brewery in NY and just tossed in some funds to the kickstarter page.  Next stop? Get California distribution!

Trying to organize a marathon in an Islamic region of Israel might get you shot at.

Lesson: Sometimes  DNF is the best thing that can happen to you.

I think I have this problem when I try to force myself back into speed fitness too quickly.

Scott Hawker’s report from the North Face Australia 100k with his thought on the time penalty issue.

And be sure to check out our Five Questions with Justin Hargett. His first time past a half marathon, Justin ran a 50 miler, got lost, came in DFL, but is ready to go back.

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