Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, May 31

Run Spirited: Henry Howard sits down with AJW to make some predictions about what else? Western States. What do you think?

Mountain Outpost News is back!

Interview about climbing, death, fatherhood, and relationships with the incredible Alex Honnold. That first picture of his hands is crazy.

But peer reviewed studies show that even after testosterone suppression, top trans women retain a substantial edge when racing against top biological women.

–The NYT covers the trans athlete debate and does a good job presenting both sides. Read it for yourself and let me know what you think.

iRunFar: This Week in Running. Trail running and ultramarathon results from around the world. That top picture is Jorge Maravilla in his element! Running mountains with enthusiastic fans surrounding him. Perfecto.

Anyone else watch the Prefontaine Classic on Fri/Sat?
Incredible competition and performances. Joe Klecker!
Decent commentary.
The new Hayward Field is beautiful.
Had to bounce to three different streams to watch the action. WTF.
Stands were, what, maybe 20% capacity?
Some of the camera shots were awful.  (ie Wide shot of the field during athlete introductions.)
Any why the hell was AlSal there with credentials around his neck?

Hong Kong trail racing is back. The HK scene was really ramping up before Covid and it’s good to see its return.

Many athletes enjoy running because of its therapeutic properties. But what about when running itself becomes a source of stress?

–Good interview with Brittany Peterson in TrailRunner Mag about her work as a mental health educator.

ultrarunning Mag:Adam Campbell travels back to Northern BC to visit the incredible terrain and culture of the Tahltac Nation. What incredible terrain.

Tom Cruise runs in movies. But…is he any good at it?

Tuesday Funny: Hearst launches “Former Runner” magazine.

Kiwi runner left for dead on an American highway during a transcontinental attempt five years ago returns to finish the job.

Sorry about missing the news last week. Got Covid and it kicked my ass hard. All good now and ready to start running again.

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