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Ultramarathon News From Around the World

Justin/IRF’s rundown of this weekend’s ultramarathon and trail results, including two American’s top ten finishes at Comrades! Max and Sarah, wow!

Justin missed it, and so did I: This rad looking event in Maine that included two days of trail running, ultramarathons, barefoot races, dog races, beer, bbq, and music.  Anyone run it?

Want to make Jamil and Schuyler’s next race interesting? Send them some junk to eat and wear.

Journalism 101: If you’re writing about the highest marathon in the world, be sure to include how high the marathon is.  I see they dropped 2k meters, but what’d they start at?

Luke takes us on a beautiful 36 mile run through and over the incredible Pasayten Wilderness in Washington state.  It’s snowy there. Today’s forecast for Sacramento: 103 degrees.

Ever wonder how some of the big international ultramarathons and trail races get such quality fields? Here are some details on elite travel assistance for Tarawera in New Zealand.  (It also helps that RD Paul is one of the nicest, most jovial guys you’ll ever meet.)


“When I was your age, I had to climb 2,600 feet up bamboo ladders on the side of a damn cliff to get to school!”  No ultramarathon content, but pretty cool, right?  More insane school treks here.

Brett reviews the Salomon Sense Pro 2 and has an extra pair to give away. Check it out here.

This seems obvious: Can a runner be fit but unhealthy?

Looks like pack burro racing season has started.  Huh? Listen to this URP interview with George Zack where he explains the finer points of trail running with a donkey.

And on a similar note, here’s some excellent writing including an ultramarathon runner who runs into a mule mid-race.

Mario’s latest Morning Shakeout heavy on track and field commentary, including thoughts on the divide between men and women and the recent Prefontaine Classic, which I watched (part of) this weekend. On point, again.

Falmount Road Race in Massachusetts FUBARs a mail merge that screws up lottery entry emails, but honesty and candor prevail and it seems like everyone’s happy.

This type of thing drives me nuts: RD’s calling races because of heat.  I know, I know, insurance,  safety, blah, blah, but each time this happens the sport is taken down a level in my eyes.

Shoe review today. Stay tuned.


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