Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, May 9

Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News

Mario shares his thoughts on the Nike Sub2 project in his latest Morning Shakeout. Food for thought: How much interest would there be for a similar project, but one with athletes admittedly and openly on PEDs? Not a race, but a test to see if sub 2 is possible. I’d sure watch it.

This surgery and recovery has given me a new appreciation for knee health.  Be sure to check out Joe Uhan’s latest piece about how to keep it fit and healthy.

Koop: Why heart rate is not a good tool for ultramarathon training.

OK, duuude.  With little/no mountaineering experience, this South African guy traveled to Everest and tried to avoid paying the $18,500 fees and found himself hiding in a cave.  Yeah, the fees are high, but now he’s in a lot of trouble.

Did you catch our latest podcast with Nicole Ederle? Nicole is targeting her first 100 miler with patience, training, and dedication, all while balancing a busy family life. Need some infections motivation and energy? Check it out.

Slow but exciting: The Western States waitlist just lost one name to the start list.

Speaking of podcasts, I got a new mic yesterday! New running shoes are exciting, but this is my first new mic in five years and I’m anxious to put it to use.  (It’s a Rode Procaster.)

It’d be silly to tell you folks about the benefits of getting out of the gym and into the ocean or onto the trails, but this author does a great job of it.

After what seemed like a positive few weeks, it looks like The Angry Jogger is back to hating running a lot. As always, salty language alert.

Short news day today.  Trying to limit my online time right now.  If you’ve got a good story for the news, please email me: [email protected].    Thanks folks!

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