Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Nov 10

Holy cow, New Jersey blasts to the front of the pack for “least running-friendly state.” What a crazy story.

Guillaume checks in from some killer trails on the coast of Portugal.

Chris DeNucci’s report from the USATF Road 50 Mile Championships in Wisconsin.  Check out those last five miles! Nice job!

Many elite athletes, including myself, will tell you they have never used performance-enhancing drugs. I couldn’t even tell you how or where to find the stuff. The problem we now have is that no one believes us.

The road to redemption for drug-scarred athletics looks like an ultramarathon.

And here are Magness’ seven quick thoughts on the IAAF corruption.

NUC whatsoever, but if you’re into urban planning, neighborhoods, and architecture, this might interest you: The other kind of new urbanism.

More great pictures from Afghanistan’s first marathon. Beautiful!

Skyrunning USA announces schedule for 2016. New York, Montana, Arizona, Texas, and oh, look at that, a 50k in Tahoe the week before States! I’m hearing differing opinions on the timing, but I hope people see it as a great opportunity to take advantage of another big race in the same area.

You know Matthew Inman as the illustrator behind The Oatmeal. Here he is explaining why he runs, what the blerch really is, and why he does it.

Skurka gives up dream job (not an exaggeration) to change up his life a bit. And maybe focus on a few big ultras???

Do “fast” runners run differently than “slow” runners? Of course. And here’s a good explanation. I’d love to see a similar analysis with gait, cadence, etc., for those of us on the trails.

WaPo: What happens to your body during an ultramarathon?

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