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I’m really liking these short pieces about running performance by CTS. Here are four simple adjustments to help you run faster with less effort.

While ski/snowboard films have been around for a long time (Warren Miller, anyone?), this new era is largely due to new filmmakers working with big budgets. What could Billy, Ethan, or Jamil come up with if they had a 7 figure budget?  Here’s an interesting article about how some guys rom Wyoming made a huge splash with Flight.

Are you in the Western States lottery for 2018? Here’s the complete list of all 4953 applicants.

Speaking of Western, there’s a new 12/24 hour event held on the vaunted track. I’m ready to pull the trigger on this. No DNFs in timed races!

Sherpa John discusses the issue of gender inequities in ultramarathons.

While we’re talking about gender, here’s an essay about a female runner and her run ins with men. What do you think?

And while I have the ladies attention, here are five things female runners should know about their private parts.

Be sure to check out our latest interview with Larisa Dannis. She’s got a fascinating story to tell about having the greatest day of her life at Western, moving across the country, and eventually moving back to her roots in the mountains. We talk injury, obsessive training, disordered eating, passion, FKTs, and what’s driving her to get back to the start line at Squaw Valley.

Larisa DannisAnd if you’re looking for a tough point to point 100k in upstate New York that’s got plenty of rocks and roots and a great finish line, be sure to check out episode sponsor Twisted Branch Trail Run.

If you’re running Twisted Branch, check out this series of three awesome ultramarathons. in New York.

Two lovely twin sisters in the UK finish their 100th and 70th ultramarathons.

If public shaming helped reduce smoking in the country, will we adopt a similar strategy for obesity?

Here’s Camille Herron’s interview with iRunFar after her 100M world record run at Tunnel Hill.

And here’s our interview with Camille from two years ago before she’d run on the trails. Listeners had some strong opinions about the content of the discussion.

Third place at Tunnel Hill was a guy named Olaf Wasternack who’s been trying to make the 24 hour team. Here’s an interview about his training and strategy for Tunnel Hill and timed events.

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American mega beers on the decline, cervezas de Mexico on the rise.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout. Anyone joining him for the shakeout run on Friday? (Bummed I won’t be there. Coaching the kids track team at school.)

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