Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Nov 15

Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News

Fantastic article about the power of the brain during an ultramarathon featuring Zach Bitter. (You may have to turn off adblocker to read it.)

An old RW article (2008) about a Colorado runner who decided to amputate his leg after years of pain. Sound familiar?

…and here’s another article about a disabled athlete (and badass skier) getting ready for a tough 50k in Australia.  He’ll be running it with crutches.

Watch this: Jamil’s new Mountain Outhouse news update.  He takes on road marathons, caffeine (CleanSport people???), fake twitter accounts, and more.  Keep these coming!

While I’m working on my Himalayan report, check out Helena’s diary from the event.  Helena runs an active lifestyle blog in the UK and celebrated her 30th birthday on a very special day in Sandakphu at 12k’.

Himalayan ultramarathon
Himalayan day 1 finish.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: The conundrum of trying to make it as a barely-elite marathoner; Is 180 steps/minute the right Rx for everyone all the time?…and more.  And remember to check out Mario’s coaching site Ekiden.

Actually, to hell with ultramarathons and trail running. I’m going to be a full time big wheel drifting athlete.

Good stuff for the gear whores in us all: Six questions to ask before buying a tent, tarp, hammock, or bevy. (I’m going camping over Thanksgiving and currently assessing my winter setup.)

Sad: Seventy nine year old runner struck by SUV and killed during half marathon in Florida.  

It’s always good to remind ourselves how to keep  our feet, ankles, and legs in working order.

Fifteen year old Native kid organizes a relay from Arizona to North Dakota to protest pipeline project.

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