Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Nov 17

This guy’s running a big loop around Tasmania, looking forward to food and cider, and stopped on the roadside to do a lil twerkin.

Be aware: Jason Fitzgerald (from StrengthRunning) and Travis Macy discuss the signs of overtraining syndrome.

Charlie writes an ode to his pacer who helped him get to the finish line at Javelina this year.

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s another new trail running video from Guillaume. This one’s from the Giant Causeway in Northern Ireland, and it sure looks incredible.

Here’s a new podcast with Western States RD Craig Thornley. Haven’t listened to it, but since it’s with Lord Balls, it’ll be a good mix of information, wisdom, and strange humor.

….speaking of podcasts, the past week’s been impossible around the URP Global Headquarters (my house.)  Hopefully later this week, or definitely next.  Thanks for sticking with me and understanding.

It’s from a few years ago, but this essay about why we run is a must read.  Trying to make sense of civilization, how we fit in, and how we can act out our primal intuitions? This is for you.


Ballast Point Brewery sells for one billion dollars.  Their Sculpin IPA is incredible, and the Grapefruit IPA is outstanding, but they completely lost me with the Habanero Sculpin. No. No. No. Just stop.

NUC (No Ultramarathon Content), but still awesome: I’ve talked about the depth of Japanese distance runners before, and here’s another incredible example. At last weekend’s Ageo City Half Marathon, 360 runners went sub 1:10. Read that again and let it sink in.

Good stuff: Why writers run. Now if I could only remember all those great article ideas I have when I’m clicking away miles…

Catra’s weiner dog runs 40mpw. Meanwhile, my 90 pound poodle refuses to step past 2 miles at a time.

Sarah’s gift guide for 2015. Wait, are we supposed to be preparing for Christmas already?


Half marathoners run an extra four miles due to error. Chaos and bedlam ensue.

UCI Prez admits that purging anyone and everyone with prior doping knowledge would be impossible because there’d be no one left.

Have some tissues ready for this one: Diagnosed with a terminal disease, she keeps running and helping others.

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