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Ten ways Allie O prevents burnout. Can’t wait to see her next five years!

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: His first 50, Colin McCourt’s elite-couch-elite project completed, and thoughts on Anton’s recent blog post.

One of the first problems (with goals) is the targets people choose, experts say. Many aren’t necessarily our own ambitions, but what we think we should do. 

–Compelling post on how we handle life goals. I’m certainly guilty of this.

Bob Shebest at finish of TNF50. Pic courtesy of BUFF.

Considering asking Santa for trekking poles for Christmas? Here’s a primer.

Speaking of the Big Guy, Sunny has a pretty unconventional collection of dolls and she’d like to add a Pixie Ninja doll to the mix…any ideas for a hack? Skipper with running shoes doesn’t seem appropriate.
(If you haven’t listened to Kaci’s report from Western this year, be sure to check it out. What Kaci shows in that interview is everything I want in a role model for my daughter and everything I want from me in a race.)

How to be your own ultramarathon coach.

Quick interview with the guy who started the @youdidnotsleepthere IG page.

Short news day. Interviewing Tim Olson today for an episode I’ll release tomorrow. Head on over to the Patron page and let’s get some good questions going.

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