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Ultramarathon News From Around the World

USATF MUT Council announces their runners of the year. What do you think?

Remember the HS XC kid with autism who went off course and was pushed down by some asshat? The community follows up with an explosion of kindness.

OK, so running will help offset the alcohol intake from holiday dinners.  That’s all I need to know.

YES: Five important outdoor skills every kid should know.

The hardest thing about Western States is the wait to see if you made it through the lottery.  Improve your chances by wearing your buckle to work next Friday for the annual Wear Your Buckle to Work Day.  This year we even have a cool belt sponsor! Details soon.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Corrupt federations, steroids, training, and more.

Looks like Ethan Newberry (aka Ginger Runner) had a great turnout last night at the premiere of his movie about Brian Morrison’s run at Western States.  I’m anxious to check it out!

Giddy Up: The USATF Trail 50k champs will be in Auburn in February and put on by a local RD who knows what he’s doing. 

If a “puffy jacket” isn’t warm enough for you, consider adding a heater to yours.  Aaaand, my Christmas shopping for my wife is done.

Running your first ultra in 2017? Here’s a primer on diet, gear, etc.

Stay tuned for a new episode today. Our guest has only run three ultramarathons, but he’s won all of them.  He lives and trains in an MUT mecca, and his plan for North Face 50 is to go out hard and win the race (which he very well may.) Any guesses?

Here’s Sarah’s gift guide for the holidays.  And remember the >26.2, Fiddy, SingletrackMind, and Hunnerd stickers make excellent stocking stuffers too!

Five ways for women to discreetly pee in public.  I’ve been on runs with women who stop and pee, and I don’t even notice it.  Same skill set as completely changing an outfit while sitting in a passenger seat with a seatbelt on.

Ian highlights the new Scott trail racer, and yep, it’s sexy.  I just hope it holds up better than the  Kinabalu from a few years ago.  I loved those shoes, but they fell apart a few weeks after my initial review.  Any word on quality improvements?


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