Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Nov 24

Run Spirited: Henry writes about the Puzey clan and specifically about Tommy’s condition. The love and gratefulness really comes out thru Jacob…there’s no doubt they’ve all got Rivs’ back.

Ultrarunning Magazine: Tim Tollefson writes about his first 100 win at Javelina, the covid modifications, and what it was like running on flat ground. Great report.

Not a headline you see every day: Belgian Ultrarunner Arrested for Stabbing a Dog. I can see this from the perspective of the terrified dog owner, but also from someone who’s minding his own business (and maybe has a phobia or past experience with being attacked) and someone’s off leash dog runs up on him. Certainly not condoning stabbing a freaking Jack Russell, but you get my point. Sad situation all around.

iRf/Mock: Catching up with Caroline Boller/Mcaughtry. I didn’t realize she’s living back in the UK now! Lots of big changes with what sounds like a healthy outlook on life. Here’s our interview with Caroline from when she first started running trails and ultras.

RW: Sidney didn’t see any runners who looked like him and was tired of needing to drive to find a good running spot, so he created the PIONEERS run club. Seems like a cool guy.

I love avocados and I love beer, but the two together? Uh, wut?

I know you’ve got your beer and wine selections ready for Thanksgiving, but how many of you have your cannabis butter all prepped?

Hold on tight and check out Kevin Beck’s new post about some recent media issues. He analyses and dismantles the reasoning and intentions of those going after Laz Lake/Gary Cantrell, snaps back at Outside‘s lopsided coverage of other issues, and makes the point that none of this is helping with open and constructive communication.

SCMP: Enjoyable mudfest at UTMB China this past weekend.

Just watch out for some ill-tempered monkeys when you’re on the trails. All joking aside, it can be a bit unnerving to be that close to macaqs. They were all over the streets and some of the trails in India and they had no qualms about reaching for (or into) peoples’ bags.

While some didn’t want it happening at all (and if we’re being honest it sounds like the RD could’ve handled it a lot better), others were stoked to see JFK go off on Saturday. Hayden Hawkes and Camille Herron both took the top podium spots.

Want a fun JFK throwback? Here’s our interview with Zach Miller (his first ever) where he told about racing against Rob Krar at JFK in 2013. Such a fun interview!

CNN: There’s an unhinged and triggered a-hole on the trails in Massachussetts.

ATRA compiles a list of ultramarathon/trail running podcasts. I’m so happy to see so many new shows with new hosts and guests. And hey, we made Tayte’s top six list! Thanks.

“I dunno but if I were y’all I’d wait until at least 2021, maybe 2022 for good measure, before touching it,”

Did any of you Utah trail runners happen to lose a giant piece of metal (?) on the trails? What is it?

RW: This trans dude has found his place in the running scene and is really hitting his stride.

Mario Fraioli: Morning Shakeout for this week. I disagree with his position on (not) racing in 2020, but definitely agree that a CJ Albertson weekly update would be awesome.

The top 20 running moments of 2020. There have been a remarkable number of cool events for such a weird year.

Personal: Does anyone have experience running with prism lenses? My eye doc set me up with 25 degree prisms (essentially allowing me to see at 30 deg what I should see at 10…I may have that transposed) but they are taking some serious getting used to. Has anyone gone this route?

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