Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Nov 26

Treeline Journal: A mildly offensive guide to ultrarunning lingo. What’d he miss?

iRunFar/Sarah Lavender Smith: Holy cow, I’m only halfway through this in-depth article on Nick and Jade DeLaRosa and I’m blown away. I had no idea what Nick was going through–and how Jade was supporting him.

TrailRunnerMag/Roche: On the heels of that post, Coche Roche writes about cutting yourself some slack and taking some pressure off your (and others) expectations. I’ll bookmark this and reread it every few months.

URP Gift Guide: Ben reviews pants, jackets, tights, and tops for that runner in your life (or for you!)

I’d add Rickey Gates’ book Cross Country: A 3700-Mile Run to Explore Unseen America (Run Across America, United States Travelogue Book) that’s available on pre-order. (affiliate link)

The OCR world seems to be going through some growing pains, and this latest “we’ll take your money, then cancel at the last minute with no refund” scam is just the latest. Note how “Cool Events” also tried to charge athletes if they didn’t pick up their registration packets on time. Good riddance.

Mario Fraioli: Mario writes about NCAA coverage, Jordan Hasay’s new “arrangement” with Paula Radcliffe, and more.

More on the issue of women’s sports coverage: When was the last time you paid to attend a high school, college, or pro women’s sporting event? Because if there’s one powerful way to show interest and support of women’s sports, that’s it.

Highlight reel from Xterra Trail Running Championships. Looks like a fun event.

Lessons learned from an ultrarunning DNF. Personally, one is fine and two is understandable, but the compounding effect of the third, fourth, fifth, etc., really hurts.

Trail Sisters: Ten really good tips for trail running during hunting season.

Whenever I read about guns on the trail, I think back to this incredible story from Jen Benna from a few years ago. Definitely worth a read.

Sounds like this guy probably didn’t have a beer after his 100 miler.

Spectator: Is the podcast space over saturated? I think the podcasting space is a great example of the best products rising to the top…and not because consumers/listeners are paying a $ premium, but rather taking their time to download and listen.

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