Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Nov 28

When fires devastated Northern California, runners got together to help other runners.  Great story!

Want to represent the USA at IAU Trail Champs next year? Here are the standards you need to hit.

A few really great tips about ultramarathon pacing from the guys at CTS. Especially that last one…When it’s time to hurt, make it hurt.

Check out Item 18 on pages 4/5. An attempt to control “performance” shoes in competition?

Got some extra cash to blow and need to store small items on your run? Check out Ben’s latest review of the Salomon S-Lab modular apparel kit.

Hunters need to be more careful and other trail users to need to be more aware when sharing space during deer season. More tips right this way.

Interested in weighing in on the National Park rate increase? You still have time to make your voice heard.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout. Anyone joining the group for the Shakeout on Saturday at CIM?

Slow news day calls for site updates:

  • Interviewing Kris Brown today to learn more about the surprise M4 from North Face last weekend. Eric Senseman later this week to learn about JFK and his plans for a Golden Ticket.
  • Fixed an SSL/google issue yesterday that wasn’t calculating traffic from URP. Should be fixed now.
  • Re-thinking audio setup/quality and will try Skype again. (It’s crashed on me twice before.)



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