Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Nov 29

Ultramarathon News – Tuesday, November 29

Great stuff: Speedgoat Karl’s lessons from the Appalachian Trail.

Interesting conclusions on how HIIT affects cognitive abilities.  Am I reading her right that athletes not in shape are more distracted during exercise, while those in shape can “zone out” more effectively?

Sign of things to come? Tahoe200 is already sold out for 2017. Will we see more 200s (along with Colorado 200 and others) in the next few years?

I’ll have to watch this later: Dave Mackey on Ginger Runner Live from last night.  Anxious to hear how he’s doing!

Here’s a cool 50k series in the midwest with some fun sounding races.  Anyone done it?

RW: Sitting front row as we watch the women’s running revolution.  Food for thought: Would this be written differently if the article focused on ultramarathons?

Sounds like Malcolm Law was dealing with OTS (or whatever we’re calling it), and is on the road to moderation and “recovery.”  The article is sure to point out that it’s not just long distance runners, but other endurance athletes who are over-taxing their bodies as well.

Music playlists from the best ultramarathon and trail runners in the world. A few months old, so I wonder how the lists have changed.  What are you listening to now?  (My playlist includes The War on Drugs, Amy Winehouse, Beta Band, and the Beach Boys.)

Want to learn a bit more about some of the elite runners at this weekend’s North Face Endurance Challenge? Here are a bunch of interviews from the URP vault.

Patagonia donates all Black Friday sales to environmental causes. Bravo!

Mario’s Morning Shakeout. I’ve asked Mario to be on the URP Year in Review episode to get a different perspective on the sport. Looking forward to it!

I make fun of the LetsRun message boards a lot, but also give credit where it’s due.  Check out this thread about a high school xc runner caught cheating at a race.  One of the LR sleuths then figured out that this was the same kid who cheated at an indoor 800–and got away with it.  Watch the video.

…and here’s an entirely different story about accusing someone of cheating.  Though she certainly has her doubters as well.

Wow, the Smoky Mountains sure do have some gorgeous trails. 

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Paying a coach won’t make you faster. Listening to one will.

These athletes went vegan–and stayed strong.


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