Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Nov 3

I’m having a good time watching Jill’s training for the ITI. Here’s what she did in week three.

Knowing how to walk well can be the difference between a finish and a DNF. Here, read this.

Drift off into another world with Guillaume, two female friends, and their dog as they run some lucious trails on the wet and wild Isle of Skye.

Do these three things to grow more brain cells.  Bonus if you can do them all at once.

It’s nice to see Wyatt’s confidence back after a strong finish at Javelina.  I can sympathize with the “have I lost it?” feeling and it’s great to see it turned around!

And here’s past guest Jay Friedman’s report from Water Gap 50k in PA.

In depth interview with Andy Wacker, master of many distances, and someone to definitely keep an eye on.

2:47 at NYC Marathon at age 60. Here’s how he does it.

And in other marathon news, I’ll be chatting with The Ginger Runner today about his recent run in New York. We’ll discuss similarities and differences between roads and trails, beer, the MUT scene, and a whole lot more. Stay tuned!

Alright, do you really need to stop drinking while training?

What do you think of event cancellation insurance? Would you ever buy it for an ultra?

And hey New Yorkers, keep an eye out for this guy. Especially if you speak Italian.

Short-ish ultramarathon news day today. What’d I miss?

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