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Oh helllllll yes. Zach Miller added to the North Face Championship list. Round two of this epic dual between he and the Mormon Marauder Hayden Hawks.

Women’s preview is equally compelling with some serious talent up front. My pick: Megan Roche.

To prepare for a 100-mile ultramarathon, I figured walking in the woods all day long and hauling out backpacks full of pork was the perfect training for the race.

Perhaps not the traditional training regimen, but I appreciate his multi-tasking ethos.

Planning a big adventure and want free gear from Orange Mud? Check this out.

Anton, Foote, Nikki, Clare, and others answer the basic FAQs about Skimo. I still laugh at the first time someone talked to Scotty and I about it during a podcast and Scotty thought it was a type of music. 

NYT: Has the running bubble popped? What will 2018 bring for road races, and more specifically, trail and ultras? Question: Are there more small races or more purely-for-profit MUT races in your neck of the woods?

Someone’s got a strong opinion about mandatory gear at ultramarathons. I do too. The number one aspect I love about this sport is the emphasis on self reliance, and mandatory gear checks in races detract from that in every way possible. Simple solution: I don’t enter races that have gear requirements. Currently it’s races that exist on the outside of “normal conditions for an ultramarathon” that have requirements, but soon event insurers will want every mom and pop 50k to require runners to carry pants, a poncho, and a freaking whistle.

Sarah was on this podcast recently talking about life and running.

Report from a tough ass fatass in Colorado.

Mario’s musings on NYC Marathon.

While we’re talking about marathons, let’s check in with the Kawauchi Counter.

Ashley Nordell sets new FKT on the 165 mile Ozark Highland Trail in Arkansas. 

Then there’s this dude, who’s thru hiking from Argentina to Alaska. Whoa.

I recorded a compelling interview with Patrick Reagan yesterday. Stay tuned…it’s a good one!

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