Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Oct 10 | Joggling, Anton’s Bike & More

Excellent: Tips for training the ultramarathon brain.  Guest idea? Ding!

Eight pretty solid running tips from everyone’s grumpy Irishman, The Angry Jogger.

Sidelined (again) by Achilles problems, Anton rode his bike from Colorado to Nebraska and shares the story right here.

More on bikes: How cyclists and their two wheels are helping victims in earthquake-ravaged Mexico City.

And, there you have my first rookie mistake. Two miles into the race, and I was already thinking about my overall pace. Now, stepping back from it, my mistakes weren’t simple rookie mistakes, but they were rookie mistakes caused by veteran experience.

Ryan’s report from Vermont 100. That compliment at mile 98 was awesome.


What it’s like camping and hiking with a 5th grader in charge.  I’ve been on plenty of trail runs with Sunny (8) where the decision making and frenetic movement has me wondering if we’ll survive the day. It also gives me the opportunity to see raw kid, unaffected by friends or screens or expectations, but rather granted the ability to have fun exploring whatever trail she chooses.

More on the doping conviction of Petro Mamu from the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships.

Dr. Friedman discusses and clarifies much of the scientific findings that associate coronary heart disease with endurance training. Interesting stuff, and hey, it’s written in words I can understand!

Liza’s quick report from Tussey Mountainback 50 mile win, complete with epic pukefest in front of a volunteer’s kid. 

But still di woman, anytime when im wan poo-poo, go jog go di family house of Budde dem, come do am outside.

–Alrighty, tough Tuesday? Read about “The Mad Pooper” in Pidgin and everything else will make sense.

The shockingly competitive world of joggling. I’ve seen plenty at roadraces–and even the guy at 2015 Beer Mile World Championships–but have yet to see anyone joggle on a rocky and gnarly trail ultramarathon, though I’m sure someone has.

Happy 100th Issue to Mario’s Morning Shakeout! Always fantastic commentary on the running scene and I’m very anxious to read his thoughts on Chicago.

Sad: This guy was an endurance athlete who was getting involved with the Golden Mountain Runners and loving the trails. 

Likewise, how to stay safe on the trails during fall hunting season.

Did you notice Google’s doodle this week? Here’s the story of the awesome Norwegian explorer that inspired it.

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