Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Oct 13

SCMP: Maggie Guterl is going for 100 hours at Big’s this year. HELL YES. I can’t wait to watch this.

iRunFar: Catching up with Amanda Basham (and Justin Grunewald.)

I ran my first official trail race with PCTR over a decade ago and really found my love through their grassroots, family-style events. Now they’ve partnered with Spartan Trail to organize their first standalone (non-OCR) trail race in California, and I’ll admit, my first emotions were anger, then sadness. I don’t want Spartan taking over races in my area: I know the company’s history of charging spectators to watch, restricting trail access, obscene parking fees, banning outside food and drinks and more.
But…I reached out to Mauri Pagliacci, Director of Trail Media for Spartan, and he let me know people can bring their own food, there’ll be free parking, and there won’t be any fees for people coming to watch the race. Sounds like they’re making a strong attempt to host a “regular event” without the BS. Good on them, I hope to check it out next year and see some of you there.

Are there any 50 milers in mid November? Cuz Des Linden will be ready to freaking rock.

“I do. I want, obviously, people to look at my time and be like, ‘Wow, that’s a really stout time that can’t be broken.

Henry Howard chats with Sabrina Stanley about her two Nolan’s FKT attempts this month. Sabrina is one of my favorite MUT runners on the scene. Yeah, she’s a great runner, but her unabashed and unapologetic competitiveness is what really makes me appreciate her. (Here’s our chat with her from 2018.)

What’s Rob Krar been up to?

I recorded an interview with Anna Frost yesterday and will release it this week. We spoke about losing one’s identity as a runner, sponsors, parenting, racing, paddleboarding, and more. Stay tuned.

Guilt trip warning: Sorry, what’s your excuse for not running today?

I roll my eyes and sigh when real events are cancelled. Not sure how to respond to a virtual race being cancelled due to Covid.

Animal encounter videos are fun to watch, but generally not very relatable. I don’t plan on being in the Alaska tundra any time soon, I don’t reach into animal enclosures to get Insta red, and I’m not going to approach a buffalo in Yellowstone with a damn camera. But this video went viral yesterday and it’s scared the hell out of me. In all my years running, I’ve seen three mountain lions (one on trail ahead of me, one bounding up a mountain not far from me, and one across a canyon) and they continue to freak me out. The video shows the cat almost running on its hind legs and swiping with its front feet and it’s terrifying.

Trailrunner/Meltzer: An ode to waking up early and hitting the trails.

Women’s Running: Measuring a baby bump with running gear. Creative.

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