Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Oct 15

Coconino Cowboy Eric Senseman is running for City Council in Flagstaff.

Mario Fraioli: Smart and thoughtful commentary on Kipchoge and Kosgei events from this past weekend.

And here’s what Amby Burfoot thinks of Kipchoge’s run.

Michael McKnight (Altra’s Event Manager) wraps up a big summer with a win at Moab, completing—and winning–all three 200 milers. Personally, I’d drop the “Mc” from the surname after that, but maybe that’s just my 1980’s self talking.

Backpacker: How to hike better at altitude. Good stuff from an expert in the field.

Need a good read or listen this morning? Revisit this interview with Michael Strzelecki about the 18 big lessons he’s learned on the trails. I’ve included the lessons in the notes, or download the episode for traffic time.

GearJunkie: Cool little camera from Canon that clips on to your pack. Perfect gift!

SCMP: I dunno, these trail races look awesome, but I’m not sure Hong Kong would be my number one destination right now.

Marathon Investigation: She cheated, got caught, confessed and everyone was happy. Now she’s cheating again. GTFO.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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