Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Oct 17

More discussion on the appropriate nomenclature of this silly sport: Ultra marathon, ultra marathon, or ultra-marathon?

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Musings on Chicago Marathon and the collapse of Competitor Running Magazine.

Jamil dives into Chicago on the latest edition of The Best Run News Show, along with some rule clarification for the #shoeboxchallenge.

Boom! Francois D’Haene sets a new FKT on the John Muir Trail.

Good on her for doing it, but this new record seems pretty soft.  Anyone want to attempt a marathon in high heels and think they can beat 7:28?

Colorado craft brewers looking to raise $213,000,000,000 to buy AB/InBev. Probably not gonna happen.

Why athlete’s protests still matter. The author’s points are strong, but I hope listeners of URP don’t equate her arguments with what I was (admittedly poorly) attempting to discuss with Clare Gallagher in this interview.  My point was about the growing dependency on sponsors and how activism affects that relationship and subsequent sales, where the Citius piece was mainly focused on Olympic athletes who don’t have the dependency on sponsors.

What happens when you take a 47-year-old ultrarunner coming back from back-to-back old-man-weekend-warrior-basketball-injuries (pulled adductor and broken ribs), watch him cobble together a very unimpressive 6 week training regimen with a long run of 15 miles and no trails since last November, then see what he’s got as he runs the tough Cuyamuca 100k in search of a Western States qualifier? Here’s my friend Tony’s latest podcast episode…check it out.

More on the state of the endurance industry–media, events, and gear/apparel–from Amby Burfoot.

I knew that I had an out if I wanted one – I could get a ride back to the finish line, call it day, say “I had nothing to prove”, but that would have eaten at me to no end. It made me think about that very idea of nothing to prove, and decided it will never be something I use or say. I never come to an event to prove something. I come to participate and compete at whatever ability I have for the day. I come out of curiosity for what lays before me based on my preparation. I come out of gratitude for the people who volunteer their time and energy to make the event happen…And finally, I come to finish what I start.

–Read this: Meghan Canfield Laws’ (Arbogast’s) report from Lake Fuxion 100k Ultramarathon in China.  THIS is the attitude I wish I had at every single race.

Poison Ivy: Spot the plant, treat the rash. I’ve still never had it in my life, and am confident I’ve run through it hundreds of times. Same goes for my wife. Lucky I suppose, but good ol Mother Nature made me very attractive to tics instead. 

Feisty old gal who ran her first marathon at age 76 passed away yesterday.

How do Jim, Stephanie, and Rory get their caffeine fixes?

Fun to look back: URP Daily News from Oct 17, 2013.


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