Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Oct 18

Ultramarathon Daily News – Tuesday

Basic ultramarathon tips from the UK.

Sarah reports back on the inaugural Grand Circle Trail Fest.  Sounds pretty good for a first year event.

Science: You’re about to gain weight.

Twenty reasons to run Grand Canyon rim to rim.

So cool: Rickey Gates’ custom-buckle-in-a-cool-box FKT Project.

I’m not sure if he’s competing this year, but Speedgoat Karl is a pretty wicked speedgolf player.  This year, he’d have the opportunity to set the AT FKT as well as win the speedgolf championships in Chicago, amounting to a pretty funky double if you ask me.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Dives deep into the TUE problem, and I agree with him almost entirely. I just go one step further and say that nothing on the banned list should be allowed. At all. No exceptions. If you need this or that medication to compete in this sport, you need to find a new sport. MUT tie-in: Nike Trail Elite runner Pat Smythe and his sketchy TUE from the aforementioned Dr. Brown.

Had an Elysian Brewing Pumpkin Ale last night and it tasted like cinnamon, nutmeg, and spice. No beer, no pumpkin.  No thanks.

Great idea for a bag/sack that won’t cause a gear explosion: The hobo roll.

URP News: I’m leaving early Wed morning for the Himalayan 100.   SFO-Shanghai-Delhi, one night in Delhi, then up to the Himalayan foothills for the race.  The Daily News will be in the capable hands of the guest editors, and I’ll still be releasing two podcasts: One about packing for a stage race, and the other a fun chat with upstate NY-based SkyRunner Sarah Keyes. Thanks to everyone who’s helped out to make this happen.  See you all soon.

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