Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Oct 20

After a record-tying 68 yards (remember, there’s 4.1 miles per yard!), Courtney Dauwalter wins the Backyard Ultra for the Americans.
A few observations:

  • The leaderboard and tech were great. Made it easy to understand track “leaders.” As always, Keith Dunn (and Jamil Coury) did a hell of a job on the Twitter machine. UPDATE: The leaderboard seems to have crashed, but Karel Sabbe is posting to Facebook here.
  • Seven of the 20 countries competing had a female winner. Those countries are US, Germany, Finland, Canada, Denmark, Russia, and Belarus. I don’t have the time to figure out what percentage of the starters were women.
  • I said yesterday that I’d take Belgian runner Karel Sabbe for the win and yep, he’s still out there. Last update (see above) was from hour 72(!) and was aiming for 100. WOW. I don’t know much about Merjin (the other runner) though. Anyone have more info?

SCMP Humor: How to be a badass runner without doing much running. Sadly, much of this is true.

Tommy Puzey update: Doing better, communicating, and getting ready for bone marrow transplant. Man, that’s great news!

LetsRun: Franklin Pierce University rescinds policy that allowed athlete who previously competed as male to win female NCAA title. To me, that’s common sense. Haven’t read the thread (and I won’t), but I’ve followed this case and agree with the decision.

Trailsisters: Anish lists some mistakes she’s made along the way.

Get ready to geek out: The athletics statistician’s essential library.

The Speedgoat extends his streak: He’s won a 100 miler every year since 2001. And I agree with Koop in dismissing those who claim he’s cherrypicking races. Go out and win a 100 miler, then do it again for two decades.

Canadian Running: Makenna Myler runs a 5:25 mile while nine months pregnant.

Today’s music: The undeniable cool jazz sounds of Galt Macdermot. Fans of 90s and 00s hiphop will recognize many of his hooks turned into samples. Enjoy.

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