Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Oct 20

I know I’m supposed to want to see Star Wars, but I can’t wait to see this.

Check out how Brian Donnelley and Willie McBride spent a day.  The Bailey Traverse–60 miles of rough and tumble terrain in the PNW–in one glorious day. He said “It’s hard to explain trips like this one. It was special. Here are some photos.”  And the photos are awesome.

Read this: The pursuit of running goals and lifetime happiness.  I’ve received many messages about the interview with my mom, and she lives by many of the points made in the post.

You saw the list of Western States “Golden Ticket” races. What do you think? It would’ve been interesting if TNF Championships was listed, as the race and the WS lottery draw are on the same day.

The fats you don’t need to fear, and the carbs that you do. Most dietary posts go right over my head, but this one’s pretty easy to digest.

Be aware: Big beer’s five point plan to crush the craft beer revolution.  Great article.

It’s Tuesday, which means we get to play “Where in the World is Guillaume?”  In today’s video, he shows us the trails around Saxo Switzerland, a German national park next to the Czech border with an amphitheater of giant boulders. Wow!

If Greg McMillan says this’ll help with not only speed, but the prevention of bonking at the finish, I’ll listen. Everything you need to know about progression runs.

Jill started training for Iditarod Trail Invitational. Here’s what the first week looks like.

Here’s The Ginger Runner’s most recent live chat with Jeff Browning. Check out his chat with me right here.

If you’re new to this sport, at what point did you first consider yourself a runner?

NUC (No Ultramarathon Content): It’s right around this time each year that I promise myself that “next year, we’re going to camp more!”  Here’s a great post about what makes a good campground great.

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