Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Oct 25

Sorry about no news yesterday. I got caught up in the chaos of the Darrell Brooks trial and couldn’t stop watching. I made up for it with an extra-long Daily News today.

Outside: Watch your FKTs. Former hockey player and Navy SEAL Jack Kuenzle may eschew organized races but he’s ripping it up on the FKT Boards (ultra, trail, and skimo), recently beating Kilian’s record on the Bob Graham Round.

Speaking of FKTs, these two New Englanders had battled on the FKT Boards, but never met in person…until they both lined up for the Midstate Massive 100 Miler earlier this month.

And more on FKTs...We need more people like Julie Wallace! Julie is making a point of finding FKTs without a woman’s record and establishing one, setting a new goal for the next round of female trail runners.

More on the Malaysian guys who won the Backyard Team Challenge.

Can someone please explain what’s going on here??? Runners hauling ass while reading clues (?), dodging tourists, and covering rad terrain of cobblestones, stairs, and sand somewhere in Catalonia. Is this a type of orienteering? Looks awesome. (This is all I got from google translate.)

Read this: Adam Chase writes about suffering a stroke and the various factors that could have contributed to it.  (It also answers why I hadn’t heard from Adam in awhile.)

LetsRun Discussion Boards: Do you think you could outrun the police?

Tragic: Search suspended for two trail runners missing in Colorado.

I’m a few days away from Javelina and for a few weeks post-Lupus diagnosis, I was completely unsure if I could get my head into the game. I was steeped in fear that everything that had already gone wrong would go wrong again. And it could. But that’s the thing, my worst nightmares have already happened. I have already had everything fall apart. I have already lost everything I wanted and planned for. And so really, I have nothing left to lose. In that is freedom.

Devon Yanko’s journey with Lupus and the “freedom” that comes with the diagnosis.

About time: Trail running organizations in Hong Kong push back against government restrictions regarding Covid and races.

I love events like this! Ultrarunning Magazine covers the Warriors Ultrarun in New York that retraces the steps of fictional gang members in the cult classic movie The Warriors.

Speaking of Javelina, check out that entrants list! Kaci, Devon, Outdoorable Annie Hughes, Dakota, Matt Daniels, Arlen Click, Pat Regan…

A late–and extensive–review and analysis of McDougal’s Born to Run and how it affected the “running hack” culture. If you’ve got the time, it’s a pretty interesting read.

LOL: I’ll bet we’ve all said the exact same thing.

Oof, Japanese runner in the Princess Ekiden suffers a leg injury as her team is struggling to stay in contention. Look closely at about :02, it’s pretty gnarly. According to sources, it’s a busted femur. Medical folks, how does one break a femur while running?!? I thought that type of injury was reserved for seriously trauma?  (Update: Team responds to her injury here.)

Athletic Brewing founder Bill Shuffelt came up with the idea of a craft NA beer with a strong environmental mission while training for his first ultramarathon. Cool story and great beer.

Speaking of beer, major controversy at the Beer Mile World Championships as participants were forced to drink from cans rather than the traditional bottles.

Semi-Rad: An ode to AC/DC. I agree Brendan, but how did you not mention the best live album (and concert video) of all time, Live at River Plate? Keep in mind, Angus was 54 at the time. And holy sh*t, that crowd!

I’ve often wondered what a collegiate XC runner–right in the middle of her season–could do in a tough ultra like Diagonale des Fous. Now we know. (She finished in 37 hours, third in her category. Not bad!)

Speaking of XC, Sunny’s season is officially over. She qualified for Nationals but we won’t be making the trip as flying across the country for 1.5 miles seems a bit excessive. Next up, she’ll be running a few (short) sections of the Rio Del Lago 100 Miler with one of the top women and she’s amped.

More on the Grand Raid and other ultramarathon results in This Week in Running. Courtney’s performances are simply off the charts. In my mind, she’s clearly the best female ultramarathon runner of all time.

Barely running news, but Adidas (finally) severed all ties with Ye.

And no running news, but a hilarious Twitter thread about the armpit crabs epidemic at BYU and how exactly the students have passed it around. Armpit sex is a thing?


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