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Former athletes allege body shaming by Oregon Ducks coaches. From what I’ve been able to tell, there’s a long way between a coach telling a young athlete that she’s “too fat” and a DEXA scan that’s used for clinical readings and diagnoses.  I could be completely wrong…please let me know if I’m missing a major part of this story.

Redbull, of course: Ever wanted to run on a downhill MTB track? Oh hell yes.

Letesenbet Gidey’s  new women’s half marathon record of 62:52 makes Paula’s “untouchable” marathon WR (2:15:25) look soft. Yes, she’s an outlier, but the amount by which she shattered the old record shows how far away we are from maximizing our potential.

Speaking of women’s records, Harita Davis (NZ) was the only female competitor at Sri Chimnoy this year and she set a new course record by 21 hours.

iRunFar: Recap from Meghan and Bryon’s book about speedwork. Good stuff in there.

Looking for your first rim job? Here’s a how-to from a first timer. Hey-o!

More incredible footage from Biel Rafols following F2 Nienke Brinkman (NL) at the Golden Trail World Series Final in Spain.

Huge day in Sunny’s life: She can finally fit into women’s XS from rabbit. (For reference, she’s a very petite 50″ tall and 70lbs.)

Hiker gets lost on Mt. Ebert in Colorado and is reported missing. SAR tries calling his phone to track him down but he didn’t answer because “he didn’t recognize the number.”

After all these years of no longer being a competitive runner and dropping out of the running scene, for the most part, I still get caught up in my identity as an athlete. It’s even more difficult now because I can’t throw myself into other activities as long as I’m hurting when I try to walk. I have short bouts of hope followed by overwhelming worry and grief that this pain may never go away completely.

LIze Brittin writes about how injuries affect the mental health of a runner.

Alright, so a guy runs a 50k in India to support some cause. But wait, there’s more to unpack here.
First, he’s running for Stephanie Case’s NGO Free to Run. Cool! Next, the headline says he ran it barefoot, but he’s actually wearing Vibrams and slippers. This also stood out…he says he got started running by meeting a celebrity at an event then becoming an ambassador for a product. I’ve been pretty skeptical in the past that either of these things would actually encourage someone to run, so I’m happy to be wrong! And finally, it’s the first time I’ve heard of eating raw garlic to stave off hallucinations. Anyone ever tried this?

Some MdS runners thought they were going to die during the race. Sounds a bit dramatic, but remember, someone did die this year.

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