Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Oct 27

TrailRunner Mag: More on the life of ultramarathon/trail/adventure RD Matt Gunn.

Reddit: Canadian cyclist took his whole day to draw some Stravart in Toronto. What did he draw? A moose, of course.

Ian Corless: Kilian will attempt to break the 24hr track record, currently held by Yiannis Kouros. I love that he’s doing this stuff and mixing up his repertoire, but really wish he were coming here and making the attempt at Desert Solstice a month later. Ah well. My prediction is that he lands in the area of Camille Herron’s female WR (167.8), but will not touch Kouros’ 180. Update: He’s not running it. Dealing with an injury instead.

WaPo: Kids sports take a punch during the shutdown, but it’s not all due to that. Waning interest, e-sports, and other activities are crowding out what, in my mind, is one of the more important aspects of childhood. We’ve got a kids running club going and there’s no shortage of enthusiasm here.

Always a good listen to refresh your brain and your soul: Mike Strzelecki’s 18 ultramarathon tips from 30 years on the trails.

IRF/AJW: Take the patience you’ve learned in ultramarathon training and apply it to dealing with the shutdown for the next few months.

NYT: 2020 has been a banner year for dopers and cheaters.

I realized a few days ago that we haven’t had a rodeo-rider-turned-ultramarathon-runner on the show before. That’s changing this week. Stay tuned.

YouTube: Triathlete nonchalantly throws down a 28:06 10k on the road.

The Japanese Ekiden scene is so hardcore that they’ve had to add a new rule that allows referees to stop athletes who are trying to drag themselves across the finish line. And yes, the name of the race will trigger some readers.

I haven’t heard much about this, but it seems that UTMB Thailand is happening this weekend.

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