Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Oct 3

Dang, just as I’m trying to get back to some consistency, I’m supposed to be focused on the off-season transition period.  Here, Koop offers some advice for ultramarathon folks on refocusing, resting, and re-entering training madness for a successful spring/summer season.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout has plenty of great running commentary weaved around the message of always loving and respecting one another. Well done.

At this point, I basically felt terrible.  I crammed in some off-brand Coke and a couple of bananas, but really had no motivation to get back out on the trail; the fight had suddenly left me, and when Michael took off I waited an extra thirty seconds or so before leaving the aid station, thinking maybe the impetus of having to give chase would spur me on a little bit.  Long story short: it didn’t.

–Jay’s report from the Mountain Madness 50k.

In addition to Kawauchi (crazy link), it looks like I may have a new Japanese runner to obsess over.

As a non-tequila drinker, I’ve wondered this myself: What’s the difference between tequila and mezcal? Nope, none for me, thanks.

There are really, really good people in the world. Here are another two.

“Man Runs Ultramarathon in Fancy Dress”…I was expecting a ball gown or some such frock. Nope, he meant “Deadpool.”

I’m starting an after school running program at my kids’ elementary school from the ground up.  This article talks about two existing programs–one for boys and one for girls–but I’m working on for both together. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks.

Site Announcement: After last week’s website freakout, my web guy moved everything to the more secure https format.  Apparently many of you were subscribed via http and haven’t been receiving the Daily News for a few days. My apologies for not announcing it sooner. If anyone can direct me to a way to “fix” this, please let me know.

Short news day today. What did I miss?

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