Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Oct 4

Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Oct 4

“The Tor (Des Geants) does not treat expectations kindly.”   How’s that for a great intro to a report from one of the toughest ultramarathon events in the world?  Read this report before you think about signing up.

I can’t tell if #4 and #5 are serious in this list about places you shouldn’t carry your phone.  That’s a joke, right?

Kung Fu nuns in India riding their bikes across the Himalayas to stop human trafficking.  Bummer that I’ll miss seeing them!

Speaking of the Himalayas, this issue of GoTrail magazine covers the Himalayan100 well.  I’m getting pretty nervous/psyched, and realizing that not running because I’m afraid of getting hurt is a really stupid training plan.

How driving across the country (well, part of it) is exactly like running an ultramarathon.

Got a few minutes, listen to this NPR piece about Sam’s magic fountain on the Dipsea Trail.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout covers the importance of rest, new vs old media (RW online’s new wall of death?), why it’s a bad idea to steal from a XC team, and Mario takes me to task on the Heron/Holt issue from last week.  I shouldn’t have painted the whole road scene with the same brush and that was a mistake, but to me (and I figured to others as well), the road scene is a lot more comfortable with chest beating and boasting than we are in the happy little world of ultrarunning.  What do you think?

and this author assumes that ultramarathon runners are “wiry, spandex-clad self punishers” which isn’t always the case either.  Regardless, a pretty good bio of an unassuming woman who runs Sri Chimney 3100 miler each year.

How to set yourself up for a bad stomach in an ultramarathon. What do you think of the recommendations and claims?

Megan Hicks’ Nolan’s 14 report.

Nordic camping looks awesome, and I love the freedom and ethos of the culture.  Has anyone done it?  Are hinders and campers respectful, or is this just a nice ideal?

Some time this morning, Jim Walmsley will take off on an attempt to beat Rob Krar’s Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim FKT.  Though Rob’s run was incredible, it wouldn’t be a wise use of money to bet against Jim right now.

Short news day today. Prepping for a new interview this morning.  What’s it like to train for a hundred miler, travel for a hundred miler, and expect a hundred miler, then be told that the race is actually only a 50k? We’ll hear from Dylan Bowman about his run at Ultra Trail Mt Fuji last month and how he adapted and overcame the situation.




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