Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Oct 6

ultrarunning: No more “I should haves” or taking clean air for granted. With Covid and smoky skies, we’ve got to take advantage of every hour outside.

SCMP: How to use trekking poles effectively on the trails. I used to eschew them and roll my eyes at people who used them…until I tried them myself. If you’re running mountain events or just need a little help navigating the terrain in front of you, read this article and grab a pair.

Are we allowed to say that good sprinters have big butts? Is it science, or is it body shaming?

This article about Mt. Tam makes me wonder about trail usage in other parts of the country. In Northern California, the trails were PACKED April and May, then started to settle down a bit more over the summer. They’re still busy, but parking can be found. How’s the trail traffic in your neck of the woods?

What an incredible weekend for American women’s endurance sports! Sara Hall takes 2nd in London Marathon, Sabrina Stanley sets a new new new FKT on Nolan’s, and Marisa Lizak sets a new record for 48 hours on the track. Short distance ladies, the ball is in your court.

Pilates and yoga studios have moved outdoors, virtual races have been held outside, and gyms have moved their equipment to the parking lot, all in a bid to survive the Covid shutdown. Now with rain and bad weather coming, they’ve got another new set of problems.

iRunFar: Embraing intensity with Alex Nichols. Great post.

Trailrunner Mag/Roche: Spend a quick 4 minutes and do these drills before you head out on the trails.

Short news day. Gotta run.

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